2nd International Conference on Oriental Studies , Iranian Studies and Commemoration of BIDEL DEHLAVI

Armenia is the Host of First International Conference in Orientalism, History and Persian literature


The international conference of Orientalism, history and Persian literature- Saadis commemoration on 26 May 2016 with cooperation of Yerevan State University, Khujand State University of Tajikistan, Ilia State University of Georgia and through scientific support of HOD of Iranian Studies headed by Dr. Vardan Voskanian and Prof. Dadbeh and prof. Simonian the chairman of Armenia University and Iran Ambassador, Mr. Sajadi in Hamburg University in Yerevan University in Armenia. 

The international conference of Orientalism, history and Persian literature had held with the presence of great scholars such as Dr. Vardan Voskanian, Prof. Dadbeh, Prof. Kavous Hassani, Prof. Sanikidze and Prof. Sirous Shamisa and more than 100 internal and foreign professors and scholars by Yerevan State University and more than 100 academic members from International Universities.

Out of 846 received essays by the conference secretariat, 504 essays were from Iran and 342 from other countries that 369 essays were accepted by jurys board.

The second international conference in Orientalism, Iranian studies and Biddle Dehlavis commemoration will be held in Aligarh University of India by Prof. Azarmydokht Safavi and Prof. Asghar Dadbeh on 11 to 13 March 2017. 

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