2nd International Conference on Oriental Studies , Iranian Studies and Commemoration of BIDEL DEHLAVI

Professor Azarmydokht Safavi : The Purpose of Biddles International Conference Is to Draw the Attention of Scientists around the World to This Outstanding Poet


Biddle Dehlavi is one of masterpieces from the creation and God almighty to India that he has set fire world scientists through his mystic thoughts, sweet and exciting poetry and sophist prose and combined minutes, worlds and souls realities with his special though and style which are famous as Biddle Style and has introduced them to literature lovers and world scientists. Biddles thoughts have been endowed with metaphor and trop that formed and imagined a supernatural world of existing world. This ingenious poet by his intelligent and explorer thought and dynamic mind tried to understand and comprehend world and humans nature and root. Biddles marvelous, trilling and versatile poetry has enticed us to ontology and cosmology. He has turned his philosophical look from inside world to oust side one and has found humans hidden treasures. 

He should be known as a complete agent for Indian Style that has a significant effect and impact on Indian poets who write Persian poetry like Ghalib Dehlavi. The next sonneteers poetry has been inspired from Biddle contents, searching meanings, creating imaginary compositions and abstract thought.  His styles major aspect is illustration and an attempt to create sensational intellectual and mystic backgrounds through poetic harmonization and coloring.

In his poetry and prose works, there are signs of Ibn Arabi and Mawlavis mysticism combined with Indian philosophy and mysticism. The union of humans existence, greatness and honor containing in this Indian poet and mystics thoughts and works.

Biddle has a significant interest in theology, mathematics, natural sciences, astrology, geomancy, history and music and in addition to his native languages, Persian, Bengali and Arabic, also, he has mastered in Urdu and Sanskrit languages.

The influence of this 18th century poet has been to the extent that his genius and perfection have been famous and obvious not only in India but also in the world. He has not been just a poet and scholar, but he has been in the situation of a perfect master, a selected mystic and dervish and sophists master. As in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and different areas in Central Asia, meetings as Reading Biddles Works has been held and R. S Biddle meeting has been presented based on selected sophists ceremony in his death anniversary. Some of peoples folks are derived from Biddles poetry in Afghanistan and Transoxiana. Singers have sung his poetry and present poets have been inspired from his poetry and the shine of Biddles poetry light has been remained still in India, Iran and around Iran.

He has shown his master strokes and eloquence in most Persian poetry forms. As, in addition to his 30 thousand sonnets, he has composed 22 thousand Masnavi couplets and his elegies, composed odes, quatrains and fragments have been reached to 11 thousands couplets.

The purpose of present conference is Biddle Dehlavis commemoration, great and unique poet and drawing the attention of Scientists from Iran, India and around the world to study different dimensions of an Indian outstanding poets thoughts and works.

Professor Azarmydokht Safavi

Chairman of Conference

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