2nd International Conference on Oriental Studies , Iranian Studies and Commemoration of BIDEL DEHLAVI

First Oriental Studies Conference -Yerevan
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بلند است از فلک معوای بیدل....
1/8/2017 12:31:55 PM

مصاحبه با دکتر نورعلی نورزاد مدیر گروه ادبیات فارسی دانشگاه دولتی خجند تاجیکستان

 . برحق، یکی از پیشگامان زبان فارسی در سرزمین هند ، که به تعبیر اهل تذکره‌ در قلمرو شعر خود واقعاً“اختراعاتی در زبان فارسی”کرده، همین ابولمعانی بیدل دهلوی بوده است.  نکته دیگر قابل توجّه به پیوند بیدل با زبان فارسی ارتباط دارد. بی‌شک باید اعتراف نمود، که پیوند زبان فارسی با بیدل اصلاً پیوند خونیست و این زبان هرگز برای او بیگانه نبوده و همین ارتباطش باعث آمده، که بهترین اختراعات را در این زبان ایجاد نموده،  در مقام شایسته یکی از سرآمدان ادبیات فارسی‌زبان در این قلمرو گردد. با اطمینان بر آفرینش همین گونه یک زبان هنری شعر از سوی خود است، که بیدل فرموده:

                        آن چه کلکم می‌‌نگارد، محض حرف سنگ نیست،

                        هوش می‌باید، که دریابد زبان بیدلی. 

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Commencement of the Conference Secretariat in Khajand State University of Tajikistan
10/21/2016 12:15:33 AM

Khujand State University of Tajikistan has announced its agreement for joining to organizers of the conference. Khujand University announced his participation officially for second conference Orientalism and Iranian Studies after achieving necessary affirmation from Tajikistan Ministry of Science and Education. Therefore, Khujand University has started his affairs officially as the secretariat of the conference in Tajikistan. It should be said that Dr. Noorali Noorzad, one of policy board members and scientific committee of the second international conference in orientalism, Iranian studies and Biddle Dehlavis Commemoration, has accepted the responsibility of conference secretariat in Tajikistan.

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Armenia is the Host of First International Conference in Orientalism, History and Persian literature
10/18/2016 12:49:05 AM

The international conference of Orientalism, history and Persian literature- Saadis commemoration on 26 May 2016 with cooperation of Yerevan State University, Khujand State University of Tajikistan, Ilia State University of Georgia and through scientific support of HOD of Iranian Studies headed by Dr. Vardan Voskanian and Prof. Dadbeh and prof. Simonian the chairman of Armenia University and Iran Ambassador, Mr. Sajadi in Hamburg University in Yerevan University in Armenia. 

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Herat University Joint to the  Organizers of 2nd International Conference in Orientalism and Iranian Studies
10/18/2016 12:42:05 AM

Herat Literature and Humanity Science University has announced its agreement for joining to organizers of the conference. After official correspondence with Afghanistan Science Ministry and affirmation of this conference by the ministry, Herat University announced its companionship officially. Therefore, Herat University will start its affairs officially as the secretariat of the conference in Afghanistan. It should be said that Dr. Yahya Hazin, the Chairman of Literature College in Herat University and Dr. Ahmad Ghani Khosravi, head of department of Persian Literature and Language are the members of policy board and scientific committee of the second international conference in orientalism, Iranian studies and Biddle Dehlavis Commemoration. 

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Professor Azarmydokht Safavi : The Purpose of Biddles International Conference Is to Draw the Attention of Scientists around the World to This Outstanding Poet
10/18/2016 12:28:31 AM

Biddle Dehlavi is one of masterpieces from the creation and God almighty to India that he has set fire world scientists through his mystic thoughts, sweet and exciting poetry and sophist prose and combined minutes, worlds and souls realities with his special though and style which are famous as Biddle Style and has introduced them to literature lovers and world scientists. Biddles thoughts have been endowed with metaphor and trop that formed and imagined a supernatural world of existing world. This ingenious poet by his intelligent and explorer thought and dynamic mind tried to understand and comprehend world and humans nature and root. Biddles marvelous, trilling and versatile poetry has enticed us to ontology and cosmology. He has turned his philosophical look from inside world to oust side one and has found humans hidden treasures. 

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